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Hammer Nutrition To Sponsor Sten Fjeldheim Racing Clinic

Thu, Jun  8, 2006 - By Mike Muha

You may have seen me mention Hammer Gel, HEED, Sustained Energy, Race Caps Supreme, Recoverite and other products from the Hammer Nutrition / E-Caps folks in some of my articles on I've been using them for years (as have many other skiers on the Michigan Cup circuit) and believe in them. I think they allow me to go longer, train harder, and recover faster. I use them in training and during races.

I thought that Sten Fjeldheim's racing camp might be a nice opportunity to share some of the Hammer products with my racing colleagues. At risk of being beaten this coming season, I asked Hammer if they would like to sponsor the the race clinic.

They said, "Yes! We'd happy to help support the June 24-25 camp/clinic." 

The folks at Hammer are putting together a nice package of product samples and copies of "The Endurance Athlete's Guide to Success" for each of the participants, plus will be help everyone keep hydrated with coolers of HEED that folks can use to fill their water bottles.

Thanks Hammer Nutrition!