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Strength Lecture from the XC Oregon June 2001 Race Camp

Sat, Jun  16, 2001 - By Mike Muha

XC Oregon: "Seven Elements of Strength Training"

  • Circuit Field weight room (all year long)
  • Weights: Gradual build to power program (handout) 
  • Specific Impulse: Short repeats, roll or snow (ex. 5 x double pole x 1 min) 
  • Specific Distance: Longer periods, roll or snow (ex. 1 x 20 min double pole) 
  • Plyometric: Includes all explosive motions and short bounds 
  • Core: Functional stability, primarily ab and back. (all year long) 
  • Machine/Rollerboard 

Basic Fundamentals Of XC Oregon Strength Plan

  • Can’t just do one.. .need as many elements as possible working together. 
  • Systematic towards winter (just like intensity) 
  • Rotation system for balance and variety. 
  • Bring in "experts” and other sports...particularly on weights, plyos, core. 
  • PATIENCE... .just like intensity, gradually build. 

Rotation Of Activities

  • Chart used as a roadmap, ideally athletes mix up elements in each week. 
  • Avoid "same workout each time" syndrome 

The Strength Year

  • Very general, "anything goes", stay fit is the goal
  • Lots of "other” activities that have strength components such as rock climbing, yoga, paddling, etc.
  • Same idea as spring but specific elements enter as does plan Weights begin to focus on primary exercises 
  • Very slow development of all element areas, progress in 4 week cycles 
  • Plan now very focused on power phase (transition minus 6 weeks) 
  • All elements converge with higher intensity but duration only somewhat higher than summer - depends on age, fitness, goals, etc. 
  • Very careful with any minor injuries and form with all elements "Less is more" often the case 
Transition Thru Season
  • Maintenance work involving... 
  1. 1 x weights every 7-10 days 
  2. 1-2 x circuits most weeks (less in taper areas) 
  3. 1-2 x specific impulse/distance per week (less in taper areas) 
  4. Machine/Rollerboard and Core included in (1.) and (2.) 
  5. Plyos become speed bursts in terrain on snow. 

Long Season?: Mid-season “mini power phase”

  • Same concept as fall power but in 3-4 week window 
  • Basically amounts to a large amount of strength mid-season 
  • Very helpful for double peaks but has to be carefully implemented to work.