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US Pro-Ski Rollerski Distributership Changes Hands

Rollerski News

Tue, Apr  11, 2006 - By Gordon Lange

WebSkis/WebCyclery of Bend, Oregon has taken over the North American distributorship of PRO-SKI rollerskis from Sweden. For details see or to order rollerskis and parts, go to

There's 15% off spring special on PRO-SKI rollerskis and part for orders placed by April 19th. For details see: Don’t Miss Out On Early Season Specials on PRO-SKI Rollerskis,  

If you are a coach, be sure to ask WebSkis about their volume special on rollerskis.

New SOLDA products for the 2006-2007 season

It will be even tougher to keep up with SOLDA glide wax next season!

SOLDA Speedmakers contributed greatly to Italy’s and other nation’s success at the 2006 Olympics.  The American Birkie was dominated by SOLDA users and a number of new SOLDA products will make it even tougher to keep up with SOLDA glide wax next season.

HPO5 is one of the most popular fluorocarbons on the World Cup and last year’s introduction of HPO5/S30 mixed 70/30 and 50/50 were big hits for cold snow with some moisture/humidity. F40 Top Race Red was another winner.

Pay attention to these new SOLDA waxes next season:

  • HP04   32°F to 14°F (0°C to -10°C)  Humidity 50 to 100%
  • HP05    23°F to 5°F (5° to -15°C)  Humidity  40 to 100%
  • HP06   23°F to 5°F (5° to -15° C)  Humidity  35 to 95%

Other new cold waxes (for cold and dry snow):

  • S-22 - new improved version of S20
  • S-32 - new improved version of S30 (with added antistatic)
  • F40 Top Race Yellow: For very wet snow

Email  if you need an order form or to place a SOLDA preseason order.  (SOLDA will continue to be distributed by TorbjornSport).

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