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Lake Skiing in the Spring at Stokely Creek

Fri, Mar  31, 2006 - By Howard Feit

I had a splendid time skiing on various lakes at Stokely Creek last Sunday with Evan Leonard. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a camera and Evan's had dead batteries. We skied on Pickard, Bojack, Shepard and Bone Lakes--the conditions were great. Gunnar Kristiansen, the President of the Stokely Creek Ski Club, sent the attached note and photos which you might consider posting on Fortunately, nobody had to use any of the self-rescue techniques that Lexanne was promoting.

Gunnar says,

"The "Ski the Lakes of Stokely" event scheduled for this Saturday, April 1 is being cancelled as we expect rain and warmer weather over the next two days. It is particularly disappointing as we had great skiing on Sunday through Wednesday. I have attached a few pictures from our skies these days - one from Stokely last Sunday, one from the trip from Crystal Creek up to Trout Lake on Tuesday and the last from Lake Superior near the airport on Wednesday."

"Hope you all had a satisfying ski season and looking foreword to seeing you all again next season !!!!

Lake skiing at Stokely Creek

Lake skiing from Crystal Creek up to Trout Lake

Lake Superior near the airport