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DNR Trails Not Quite Ready for Mountain Bikers

Tue, Mar  14, 2006 - By DNR Press Release

DNR Trails Not Quite Ready for Bikers, Hikers Trail Users Urged to Be Patient During Spring Thaw

Department of Natural Resources officials today reminded mountain bikers and other trail users to not use trails during the spring thaw to avoid damaging them.

"When trails are muddy from the spring thaw, they are vulnerable to damage from even the most careful mountain bike riders and other recreational users," said Dan Lord, internal trail coordinator for the DNR Parks and Recreation Division. "When the weather turns warm, everyone wants to go and get outdoors, but we're asking them to be just a bit patient."

Roadways and paved trails can provide ample outdoor riding opportunities during the spring thaw. By waiting a few weeks, until the trails dry out, the need for additional trail maintenance and restoration efforts are minimized.

Mountain bikers are encouraged to use the Michigan Mountain Biking Association's online Trail Guide for updated trail conditions from across the state. The web site is: Partnerships with local mountain bike associations provide important volunteer support for Michigan's state parks and recreation system.