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Justin Easter and Debbie Miziklowski win the 50K Vasa


Sat, Feb  11, 2006 - By Mike Muha

Vasa Race Results
2006 12K
2006 27K Classic
2006 27K Freestyle
2006 50K Classic
2006 50K Freestyle

Who could ask for better skiing! Great snow and temperatures around 20.

50K Freestyle and Classic

Justin Easter of the Suburu Factory Team won the 50K North American Vasa in 2:12:26, beating out Joseph Graci (2:19:02) and Joe Bettendorf of Team (2:19:31).

Debbie Mizikowski (Cross Country Ski Headquarters) beat Natalie Dawson (Team NordicSkiRacer) and Amy Powell. Debbie finished in 2:51:23, just  30 seconds ahead of Natalie. Amy finished in 2:53:43.

In the 50K Classic, it was Mark Wold in 3:12:38, followed by Thomas Dvoratcheck (3:14:06) and Cross Country Ski Shop team captain Dick Fultz in third in 3:18:00.

Laura Waldo picked up the win for the women with a time of 3:55:56. Sara Cockrell (Traverse Nordic) finished second in 4:17:00. Paddler Lynne Witte (Cross Country Ski Shop) came in third in a time of 4:43:50.

27K Freestyle and Classic

Christian Byar (Grand Rapids Nordic) won the 27K Freestyle in 1:18:48. Tom Brian (Grand Rapids Nordic) finished second in 1:20:38. Ryan Halstead came up third in 1:21:03.

The first women was Megan Madion from Outside Edge won the women's 27K Freestyle in 1:31:45. Straits Strider Tracy Goble was second in 1:38:32, with third place finisher Becky Kalajian close behind in 1:38:59.

In the 27K Classic, Gerard Grabowski won in 1:43:06. Sean Kelly and Mark Kurz came in second and third with times of 1:48:20 and 1:50:26.

Women? Team NordicSkiRacer Emily Flynn won in 1:55:56, followed by Amy Kostrzewa (Cross Country Ski Shop) in 2:02:07 and Olga Rachitskay in 2:04:46.

12K Race

In the 12K Race, junior Jesse Smith once again put in a fantiastic race to win in 33:52. Second place Elliot Putman and Ross Williams came up in second and third just 6 seconds apart, in 38:17 and 38:23.

Hanna Ciesla (45:00) beat out Emily Westerman (46:10) and Jessie Hemming (46:44) for first.