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Racing, partying, and sun burn at the Michigan Cup Relays

Michigan Cup: Michigan Cup Relays

Thu, Mar  15, 2012 - By Mike Muha

The weather was great: sunny, with temperatures approaching 60, the beer was flowing, and the pulled pork sandwiches were being consumed in vast quantities.  The intense sun and the sun's reflection off the snow gave everyone on the deck a double dose of UV rays and a bit of sunburn.

Michigan Cup Relays cross country ski race

Yes, the Michigan Cup Relays at the Cross Country Ski Headquarters on Sunday, March 11, 2012 were both intensely competitive and a celebration of spring skiing and the end of the Michigan Cup season. With Lady Gaga in attendance, it was a festive atmosphere.

Michigan Cup Relays cross country ski race

Test: what problem do you see with this tag off?

Each relay team consisted of three members. The lead racer skied the first leg using classic technique; the next two racers skied freestyle. Each leg was 6-7 kilometers long. Male, Female and Co-ed classes were offered for a variety of age groups. Each team’s age class was determined by the total of all three team member ages:

Bib Time Place Relay Team Name MI Cup Team Name Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3
Coed 165 and Over
118 1:08:00 1 Aged Group Straits Chris Weingartz Tracy Hardin John Gravlin
104 1:12:40 2 DDD Dynamite NSR Yvon Dufour Karen Dawson Ken Dawson
153 1:15:47 3 Fluoro & the Grinders VASA Randy Smith Gussie Peterson Steve Brown
142 1:23:42 4 Wild Thangs XCSH Larry Timm Fran Upton Bob Eastley
147 1:29:53 5 Slush Bunnies HHCCSS John Johnson Ann Wagar Robin Luce
125 1:37:21 6 Trilogy GRNST Carole Mueller-Brumbaugh Rick Kraai Ernie Brumbaugh
158 1:45:49 7 Ski Daddle NSR Linda Allen Rex Donahey Gary Faria
Coed 164 and Below
130 1:05:36 1 1st Place Overall VASA Eli Brown Kyle Dotterer Amy Powell
102 1:09:05 2 Nordic Wanderers HHCCSS Ryan Harris Robert Smith Brenda Carlson
120 1:14:14 3 Awesome VASA Clay Darling Erin Lipp Evan Scheiern
132 1:15:57 4 Throwbacks XCSH Theo vonWallmenich Mariah Frye Jim Pryor
157 1:19:46 5 Rocken with the 80s XCSH Mike Temkin Linda Weeks Frank Rynalski
144 1:20:49 6 Pfloppis VASA Bill Fegis Emily Opplinger John Pflughoeft
136 1:20:54 7 Following the Green Fairy HHCCSS Hillary Witbrodt Steve Seager Tim Tubb
114 1:23:03 8 Flyers from TC VASA Mike Tarnow Erica Ohern Lauren Pflughoeft
139 1:23:37 9 Jr Vasa Racers VASA Emma Schwab Heidi Schwab David Butryn
101 1:33:48 10 Heartless NSR Mike Muha Lisa Kaniewski Dave Reppen
164 1:45:32 11 The Three Bears HHCCSS Leigh Whetstone Emily Steffke Steve Steffke
165 1:45:40 12 Better Late than Never V/GRNST Renee Bancroft John Love Larry Brownell
106 1:55:40 13 Green Team XCSH Gwen Stevenson Rick Neier Kari Neier
156 1:58:21 14 Slow and Steady NSR Patricia Mallon Frank Nizio Adam Haberkorn
Female 165 and Over
129 2:07:39 1 Three Blind Mice XCSH Lynne Frye Barb Slovinsky Chris Fowler
151 2:10:59 2 Snowflakes XCSH Evon Ebied Carole Merwim Linda McGinnis
Female 164 and Below
105 1:16:03 1 Dynamic Divas VASA Laura Webb Deb Westphal Susan Vigland
150 1:47:57 2 The Fallen Angels XCSH Catarina Gulledge Hailey McMahon Brenda Vincent
Male 165 and Above
116 1:11:34 1 KSK Collective VASA Kip Knight Tom Sutter John Kostrzewa
103 1:16:24 2 Slush Surfers NSR Bill Haefner Tony Percha Doug Cornell
110 1:20:51 3 Floppers GRNST Peter Johnson Dan Wisneski Dan Nolan
110 1:24:45 4 Toko & the Klisters VASA Barry Obrian Craig Webb Curt Peterson
137 1:25:27 5 Noble Savages Straits Hap Wright Ellis Boal Mike Bourassa
160 1:29:35 6 WAFS Straits Bill Ahrenberg George Felski Dave Whitlock
108 1:40:06 7 Lost Boys XCSH Bob Frye Wolf Uhrig Dale Arbour
100 1:52:39 8 Spring Chickens XCSH Brian Reicks Bill Matson Richard Wells
117 2:12:00 9 Oldies but Goodies XCSH Alan Berg Marvin Stevenson Leonard Block
Male 164 & Below
145 1:05:00 1 Larry Moe & Curley XCSH Ryan Halstead Larry Kanaby Matt Stuber
122 1:06:42 2 Sunshine Kittens VASA Glenn Goodman Tim Jewema John Ohearn
154 1:07:12 3 Fairmoryank NSR Rob Fairman Jon Morgan Daniel Yankus
159 1:10:15 4 Front Runners GRNST Mike Seaman Julian Kuz Greg Worsnop
127 1:14:40 5 Weast VASA Connor Hansen Tim Brownell Sean Brownell
163 1:15:53 6 DFN XCSH Devan Thielfoldt Garrett Gabalis Josh Sheldon
131 1:17:42 7 Northbound 3 HHCCSS Gabe Williams Fred Mills Tim McClure
143 1:25:02 8 Jomerlie XCSH Stuart Colie Jon Upton Greg Merwin
161 1:34:22 9 NSR8 NSR Tim Mulhall Greg Worrel Mark Madorski
149 1:56:42 10 Middle of the Road XCSH Ron Baker Doug Ball Dan Siniff
162 2:00:40 11 Gage's Gang XCSH Jon Hunter Nathan Temkin Gage Gabalis