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10 inches of new snow for Black Mountain Classic

Michigan Cup: Black Mountain

Thu, Mar  1, 2012 - By Denny Paull

In what has quickly become a tradition before the Black Mountain Nordic Classic scheduled for Saturday morning, Mother Nature has thrown everything in her arsenal at the groomers in the final two days of preparation. Approximately 10 inches of heavy snow were noted this morning on the course. Jim Meyer is leading a group of volunteers in grooming and dealing with branches and trees down on the trail. This work will continue through Friday.

Current weather forecasts are for A LOT of snow Friday night. Groomers will be out all night long preparing the course. As challenging as this all is, I am extremely excited at what is sure to be a race folks will all be talking about for a while.

Skiers looking for accommodationsfor Friday night to save the Saturday morning drive could send an e-mail and I will make recommendations.
Denny Paull