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VASA Ski Club leads Michigan Cup

Michigan Cup

Thu, Mar  1, 2012 - By Ken Dawson

Heading into the final week of season before the relays, we wanted to show where everyone stands so they can move up in the ranks by finishing strong. Congratulations to Eli Brown who has captured the Michigan Cup Men’s Title.

Several other close races are being played out (e.g., Amy Powell and Tracy Hardin are tied for top Senior Woman). Final results and awards will be presented at the relays next week. It looks like the overall Team Title belongs to VASA but it could be a different story with the Brumbaugh Cup. 

Here's the Michigan Cup Individual Standings to date (PDF).

  1. 29,317  VASA Ski Club
  2. 19,643  Cross Country Ski Headquarters
  3. 14,989  Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team
  4. 14,786  Straits Striders
  5. 14,734  Team NordicSkiRacer
  6. 13,623  Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shop

The team standing does not include the team event. I need a volunteer to give me the team scoring for that event
Ken Dawson