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4th Annual Huron Meadows Groomer Appreciation party at noon

Tue, Mar  13, 2012 - By Ken Roth


The 4th annual Huron Meadows Groomer Appreciation party will take place March 17th at the Huron Meadows clubhouse at 12:00. This will be our opportunity to thank the Huron Meadows staff for their hard work throughout the year. If you plan on attending, please RSVP to by March 15th.
To state the obvious, the snow this winter was horrible, but that doesn’t mean that our groomers still didn’t work hard for us. This year saw the addition of a huge asset for the Nordic community; snow making. It took great effort to get our fledgling snowmaking operation running. That development alone is reason enough to celebrate.

Because of snowmaking we were still able to have a race at Huron Meadows, and other great events. The contributions from our friends at the Washtenaw Ski Touring Club continue, Team NordicSkiRacer and the addition of SELCRA (Southeastern Livingston County Recreation Authority) has helped grow youth participation.

None of this would have been possible without the selfless dedication of our groomers. The groomers are a bit like firemen. Not only did they have to work to prepare for the ski season, but they have to be on call every day in the event they are needed. 

So, just because we didn’t have great snow this year, it doesn’t mean that our debt of gratitude is any less.

Here’s the plan. Lunch at Huron Meadows Clubhouse March 17th at noon. Please be prepared to pay $8 a person for lunch. This will hopefully cover our cost and help pay for the annual “surprise” gift. Any donation beyond that would be appreciated. Any amounts collected above costs will be donated back to Huron Meadows.

This is our turn to say thank you. Your participation and support are always appreciated. Please RSVP by March 15th at 5:00. Again, RSVPs should be sent to Please include the number of people planning to attend.

Ken Roth