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Team NordicSkiRacer Update

Tue, Jan  13, 2004

Quick update: Here's the Team NordicSkiRacer roster. If your name is not on the list, then I haven't received a membership form from you. If you want to be on the team, send an e-mail to me quickly - officially, the Michigan Cup Committee requires a full team roster by January 15, although they tend to be somewhat flexible about that:

Linda Allen
Ed Anderson
Alan Berg
Arne Borgnes
Douglas Cornell
Karen Dawson
Ken Dawson
Natalie Dawson
Dave Fanslow
Tim Feldkamp
Bill Heafner
Doug Heady
Mike Heidinger
Julia Houle
Maria Iwaniec
Bill Kaltz
Randy Kessler
James Kessler
Ken Leonowicz
Mark Madorski
Dan Motowski
Mike Muha
Frank Nizio
Jeff Potter
Charles Powell
Ed Reid
Lee Ries
Ryan Robinson
Spencer Ruffner
Mark Schmude
Leonid Tikh
Greg Worrel

We've had some good race results: Ken Dawson finished 10th in the Michigan Marathon, and racing novice Julie Houle took 2nd place in the Hanson Hills Classic, only 2 seconds out of first. Many of your teammates did one or both races this weekend, gaining the team lots of points! If you haven't raced yet, wax up those racing skis and get out there and bring glory to the team!

We're still trying to pull together a team for the National Masters - many people are going up for the first two races, but we con't have enough people doing the duathlon and classic event mid-week. If you are plannning on doing those races and I simply don't know about it, send me an e-mail at (remove the "NOSPAM").

Mike Muha