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Michigan Cup Sprints thank you!

Michigan Cup: Michigan Cup Sprints

Tue, Feb  7, 2012 - By Curt Peterson

Thank you for coming north and participating in the Michigan Cup Sprints. You certainly exhibited a leap of faith with the recent weather conditions and believing that we actually had decent snow.   Yes the snow was not perfect mid winter,  but to see Gordon out there with his industrial snow blower getting snow onto the trail for 3 days in a row was a sight to see. When it came right down to it we all had fun and oh the excitement of seeing both the women's and men's finals.  They were spectacular with the top 3 in each race separated at the finish by only a few feet.  It does not get much better than that. 

Also, a bit of business, we realize that for some it may be hard to rationalize paying $25 to ski a few kilometers.  Last year we lost money and this year, while not fully accounted, we just barely broke even. It really does take as much in fixed costs to host a sprint or a 30km race.  I personally think it was a great idea to have a lower entry for the juniors and their numbers support that pricing.  For our summer Mich cup organizing meeting maybe we can think of more ways to encourage junior participation in our races. 

Curt peterson