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Black Mountain Race Needs Estimate of Who Will Attend

Thu, Feb  9, 2006 - By Denny Paull

The Black Mountain Nordic Classic 30k scheduled for March 4rth is quickly approaching. The snow seems to be piling up by the day over North East Michigan and more is expected.

Because most racers register just before or the day of the race, ordering shirts and food for the luncheon afterwards becomes pretty tricky. In order to help ensure a quality event, it would be greatly appreciated if all those who plan to likely attend could send me an e-mail as soon as possible. Please also include your shirt size. My e-mail is

Additionally, the permit charge to use the trail for the race has increased by about 150% this year and our sponsorships have decreased. Therefor if anyone works for or owns a company which might consider a small donation to the race, please contact the presque isle county tourism council at or phone them at 888-854-9700. The council will send a letter outlining various donation llevels and the benefits associated with each. A $100.00 donation will place the name of the sponsor/company on the back of the shirt as well as other benefits. Time is of the essence here.

Denny Paull