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White Pine still on as of Monday

Mon, Jan  30, 2012 - By Jack McKaig

As of 4:23pm today, we decided to postpone any decision for cancel the White Pine Stampede due to the new snow that was arriving.  We received 2+ inches during the day. Dave Barrons, former chief meterologist of TV 9&10, a member of the race committee, has indicated that the warm up predicted will be of a a short duration , not causing a loss of what snow we now have.  He further indicated that the drizzle, predicted, will be south of the trail. 

The problem faced by a "point to point" race is that while some areas have several inches while other areas have very little snow.  Other then canceling other options including shortening the race are being discussed.  Regardless, the trail will be rough, "rock" skis and slower speeds are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  We fully appreciate the strong desire to have an event and if it is felt safe it will happen.