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Huron Meadows opens for skiing tomorrow (Friday)

Thu, Jan  26, 2012 - By Mike Muha

Huron Meadows will be open for skiing this Friday (tomorrow) from noon - 8:00pm. The building will be open also, and they will be renting headlamps! Adam thinks he'll even have a track set. There will be a $5 charge to use the man-made snow trail to help pay for the snowmaking costs.

Huron Meadows, of course, will be open Saturday and Sunday as well, starting at 9:00am, same $5 trail fee.

Huron Meadows has the only snow around!

Also, Team NordicSkiRacer will be doing sprint races on Saturday at Huron Meadows starting at 10:00am. I have some special challenges in mind! Expect at least 4 sprints. Free! (but you still need to pay to enter the park and the trail fee).