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PSIA Educational Course at Hanson Hills, Jan 21-22, 2012

Wed, Jan  18, 2012 - By Amy Powell

PSIA Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) is holding an Instructor Training Workshop as well as Level One through Level Three Exam Certification at Hanson Hills in Grayling, MI on January 21-22, 2012.

The Instructor Training /Workshop is a one day program with a comprehensive overview of discipline specific technique from the beginner to the advanced skier, including recreational and/or racer. The clinic will provide enhanced skiing, teaching, and technical fundamentals to add to your own "toolbox" of skills. This event includes personal skiing improvement with instruction in all cross-country techniques, teaching strategies, and teaching progressions.

The Cross Country Level I-III exam prep/certification courses is a two day clinic to further skiing ability and teaching skills. It is a combination of clinic and evaluation of an instructor's skiing skills, technical knowledge, and teaching ability. PSIA has developed national certification standards to validate your skills as an instructor.
PSIA seminar courses are based on a foundation of education and fundamental movements. This allows us to have a common language and framework for identifying and understanding skiing movements. These skills can then be blended in with the right intensity, duration rate, and timing to produce efficient and effective skiing. In addition, PSIA courses will certainly improve your own skiing which can only help you race as well as provide the necessary tools to improve your ability to teach or coach. Consider becoming a member of the PSIA organization and receive many discounts, perks, and pro-form deals, as well as access to teaching information and more seminars.
This course is being held around the Cote Marie Dame Race at Hanson Hills following the events on Saturday and will continue on Sunday.

Please find further information and registration at

Notice: Early Rate will be applied, due to the difficult winter this season, late fees are not applicable