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Kickland now on Kindle for 99 cents

Thu, Dec  29, 2011 - By Kevin Hayes

With Christmas over, and so many kindles under the tree, I want to let the xc ski community know that at amazon kindle, KicklandKickland, a cross-country skiing novel is now available as an ebook for just 99 cents.  It is also available internationally at a similar cost. 
I am quite interested to see how things will go, as we are all aware that cross country skiers are known to be highly intelligent, technologically astute, great readers, and well, shall we say, oftentimes frugal!  At this price, perhaps sales will spill over into non-skiing sectors as well.
Also, I have a brand new book out, called Don't Vote For Me.  It is not about skiing, but I think it has a fair chance of success (however, I do include in my author bio the fact that I have completed more than a dozen xc marathons, most notably the North American Vasa and American Birkebeiner).
Happy Holidays and wishing all the best in 2012.  The snow is finally falling!
Best regards,
Kevin Hayes