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WinterSonnenwende will not count for Junior points

Michigan Cup

Tue, Dec  13, 2011 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

Michigan Cup cross country ski racing seriesThe Michigan Cup for many years has a procedure that allows a race director to reschedule a race on any open date on the Michigan Cup calendar available for rescheduling.  The first organizer to contact me about a certain date has that date.  This year's open dates are Dec 31, Jan 1, Jan 22, Jan 30, and Feb 18. 

Chris Dandeneau, Race Director for the WinterSonnenwende, checked with his management and confirmed that they wished to select Feb 18 as mentioned in the press release.

This date fits nicely with the Michigan Cup schedule for the following reasons:

  1. It gives us a skate race on the weekend of the Hanson HIlls Classic - after three marathons in a row a series of short skate-classic races is a very nice addition to the schedule.
  2. Breaks up a string of 4 classic races in a row - a point of contention at the Mi Cup meetin.
  3. It is a race venue willing to put on a race on President's Day weekend - very very welcome.
  4. For us Birkie skiers these short races can act as a tune up for the Birkie while still allowing a recovery period.

The only negative is that it won't count as a Junior Race as it conflicts with the Michigan High School Championships.