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Kick Waxing Tip from Marty Hall

Tue, Dec  6, 2011 - By Marty Hall

Here is something I've just started doing with Toko Base Green. I did this twice last year with huge success - both for kick and glide. I decide on the kick wax of the day for kick, let's say blue to make it easy. Then I'll put on a coat of the base green and heat it with a heat gun and then cork it in real good. Then I add another coat of the base green for the needed thickness to make it thru the race - thicker - and cork it well. Then I add another thin layer of the Base Green and cover it with the wax of the day (Blue). I cork them in together. I add another light coat of Base Green and cover it with a coat of Blue and cork them in together again. I like to recork the skis outside when they are colder to get them even smoother.

Man, I had great kick and a ton of wax left at the end of the Birkie and it was very aggressive snow. I will do more of this as I think manmade snow or transformed snow reacts very positively to this combination. Great kick and great wear!

See you this winter,


(Note from Ian Harvey: I think this works especially well in snow that is especially abrasive or partially transformed or for very long races.)