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Huron Meadows makes XC ski trail improvements

Wed, Nov  9, 2011 - By Adam Haberkorn

We have started the work transforming Huron Meadows Metropark in Brighton, MI into a ski area for the winter with a few new enhancements:

  • We built a earth bridge out of the west end of the ski center parking lot to make entrance to the trail system easier.
  • We'll be installing 4ft wood post with solar powered lights mounted on top (these will mark a 1.5k loop on Coyote run).
  • We widened the long finishing hill of the Frosty Freestyle 15k course from 8ft wide to 12ft wide.
  • Removed bumps from wooded area on Coyote Run.
  • Added wood chips to cover some large areas of roots on the south trail system.
  • Added some cutouts on some of the low trails to allow water to drain off during a melt down.
  • Changed the routing of the 2nd loop of the Frosty Freestyle race course to add a more severe up hill and move the trail from a drift area.

That’s all so fair!