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Traverse City High School Assistant X-C Ski Coach needed

Mon, Nov  7, 2011 - By John Kostrzewa

Head Coach John Kostrzewa has announced an position open for assistant coach for the Traverse City Trojan and Titan cross-country ski teams. This is a wonderful opportunity to help our high school skiers on the snow and enrich their high school experience.

A brief description of the position:

Assistant Cross Country Ski Coaches Hours: 

Typically Available 5 days per week with one of those days being a weekend day.  Practices take place starting on November 14th, 2011 and run through February.  Practices run between 4PM and 6PM.

January to the end of February, Mondays are typically a rest day.  Assistant coach is needed on Saturday and at practices Tuesday - through Friday.  Tuesday practices normally run from 5PM to 7PM when we participate in Tuesday Night Sprints which are our speed work for the week.

Required skills:

Skate & classic skiing techniques and basic waxing and ski care and preparation. Practice and race day help can be flexible if needed by utilizing volunteer coaches or making schedule adjustments.

See official TCAPS posting here.

Interested persons can contact Coach K at 231-357-5346 or

Full job description:


The Assistant Coach is responsible for helping each participating student achieve a high level of skill, an appreciation for the values of discipline and sportsmanship, and an increased level of self-esteem.  The Assistant Coach reports to the Head Coach and works under the auspices of the Varsity Head Coach and on-site Athletic Director.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

A.      Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Adheres to the Code of Conduct for coaches; acts as a positive role model on and off the court/field/site, etc.;
  2. Adheres to Playing Fair:  A Guide to Title IX in High School and College Sports;
  3. Coaches individual participants in the skills necessary for excellent achievement in the sport involved;
  4. Maintains competency in rules, rule interpretations, meet procedures, coaching techniques, and general information about all aspects of the sport;
  5. Works cooperatively with all TCAPS coaches, athletic directors and students to ensure a healthy, positive cross town rivalry;
  6. Supports the Head Coach in the conduct of his/her particular sport and the total athletic program;
  7. Fulfills all responsibilities assigned by the Head Coach;
  8. Is prepared to assume the responsibility of the Head Coach, if and when necessary;
  9. Assists the Head Coach in planning transportation and appropriate supervision at away contests in compliance with district travel policy and guidelines;

B.  Record Keeping Responsibilities

  1. Assists the Head Coach in maintaining accurate statistics, records, and results of the season;
  2. Works closely with the head coach in the supervision of fundraising efforts.
  3. Assists with necessary attendance forms, insurance records, and similar paperwork;
  4. Assists in maintaining a detailed inventory list of uniforms, equipment and supplies, and recommends uniform, equipment and supply requests to the Head Coach;
  5. Assists the Head Coach in developing a consistent and positive communications procedure through the school and media to inform the parents and the general public about the athletic program.

C.  Athletic Behavior/Eligibility Responsibilities

  1. Reinforces the Head Coach in all rules of the Michigan High School Athletic Association related to his/her sport;
  2. Reinforces the Head Coach in discipline and sportsmanlike behavior at all times, and abides by established penalties for breach of such standards by individual students;
  3. Assists the Head Coach in establishing performance criteria for eligibility in interscholastic competition in this sport.
  4. Checks with the Head Coach on individual athlete’s eligibility;

D.      Injury/Safety

  1. Assists the Head Coach in overseeing the safety conditions of the facility or area in which assigned sport is conducted at all times that students are present;
  2. Reinforces rules and regulations concerning conditioning of players and their health and safety;
  3. Reports injuries to the Head Coach or completes and submits accident reports to the on-site Athletic Director;
  4. Exercises great care in dealing with all injuries and particularly those that are of a serious nature. In all cases, the coach should assure that the injured athlete is receiving competent medical care.  Following injuries of a serious or prolonged nature, the coach should secure the signed approval of the doctor and parent before the athlete is allowed to participate again in athletic activities;
  5. Provides supervision of all athletes until they have left the building and/or site;
  6. Ensures that all windows, doors, and gates are locked in any area that has been used;

E.  Team Activities

  1. Assists the Head Coach with all practice sessions and out-of-season conditioning program;
  2. Ensures a positive environment free of hazing, harassment, bullying and intimidating language and behaviors;

F.   Other Duties as Required.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

1.            Valid teaching certificate and a bachelor’s degree preferred. 

2.            First aid and CPR training required within first two years and maintained thereafter.

3.            Experience in teaching, coaching, and sports medicine preferred.

4.            Effective oral and written communication skills.

5.            Demonstrate success in area of application.