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The Back Forty returns to Forbush Corner

Thu, Oct  27, 2011 - By Dave Forbush

For many, the Back Forty was our favorite trail. Long and cruisey on the hills with a couple of challenging ones (Deadman's Drop & Hammerhead Hill) and then there is the perfect training hill, Interval Hill.

Well, after many years of absence, the Back Forty is back! It will be great to have this wonderful trail returned to us. Oh yeah, AND TJ Hill will also be returned to the system.

Over $10,000 was spent intially to bulldoze this trail and an additional $5,000 was spent on the manual labor part of the trail. (Ok it was back when I was working and the money flowed a little better.)

Now the bulldozing remains but the trail is crowded with 8 year old trees that all need to be removed.  So we have our work cut out for us.  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!

There are more km of trails at Forbush Corner than ever before.  This one is a very special trail to have back.  It was designed to compliment Rollercoaster.  Where Rollercoaster has a natural interval with continuous and abrupt ups and downs, this trail was designed with longer climbs & more gradual uphills ("with a few exceptions").  It is a great trail for training when you are not quite ready for the interval work of Rollercoaster but want more than just a flat trail. Still with Hammerhead Hill and Interval Hill, it possesses some challenging spots. 

If you can help do trail work, contact me at 989-348-5989 or go to send an email through the contact form on the web site