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45 skiers tie for first in Michigan Cup series

Mon, Oct  24, 2011 - By Mike Muha

If you raced in the Nordic Fest Season Opener and are a member of a Michigan Cup team, you are now in first place in the individual standings. The VASA Ski Club leads the team standings.

The Nordic Fest Season Opener awarded each participant with 1 point toward the Michigan Cup individual standings. Since this is the first race of the season, and no other points have been awarded, simply completing the race gives the lead in the Michigan Cup Series. Congratulations! You have bragging rights!

Teams also received a point for each skier. The home town VASA Ski Club raced 26 skiers, topping the team standings with 26 points. Grand Rapids Nordic is in second place with 7 points, followed by the Cross Country Ski Headquarters with 5 points.

Team Standings after Nordic Fest Season Opener

VASA Ski Club 26
Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team 7
Cross Country Ski Headquarters 5
Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shop (tied) 3
Team NordicSkiRacer (tied) 3
Straits Striders 1