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Missing: 2012 Michigan Cup schedule

Tue, Sep  20, 2011 - By Mike Muha

So where's the Michigan Cup schedule? Alas, Christmas, New Years, the US Senior National Championships and a host of other issues have caused scheduling conflicts that have kept the Michigan Cup calendar in flux. The calendar should be our within the next week.

Some teasers:

  • The season starts on Saturday, October 20 with the US Season Opener, the October SkiFest Sprint in Traverse City.
  • The first distance race will be on Saturday, December 17 with the inaugural Wintersonnewende race at Michewaye in Gaylord.
  • The seasons ends with the Michigan Cup Relays on Saturday, March 11.
  • The Michigan Cup Team Relay has been replaced by Michigan Cup 6-hour Team Relay.
  • Scoring has been changed for the Vasa and Gran Travers to better match the distances that will be used for the US Master Championships.
  • Several races around the holidays have been cancelled by scheduling conflicts.

More details shortly