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Speed and Power

Tue, Sep  13, 2011 - By Mike Muha

Video of Simi Hamilton and Liz Stephen side by side in a speed and power workout. The kicker? He skates, she classics.

What do I like about this video?

  • Notice how far apart Simi's feet are when V1'ing up a steep hill. And the tempo! His ski comes down on edge and he applies power instantly,
  • Liz, diagonal striding, pretty much keeps up with Simi, skating, on the steep uphills.
  • Look at the tempo of Liz's double pole!
  • Both have a high hand position at the start of their doublepole: lower arm and upper arm at a 90 degree angle; upper arm and shoulder at a 90 degree angle.
  • Notice where the doublepole motion stops: the hands don't fall behind the body, but stop at stop past the hips.
  • Notice the forward lean from the ankles.

A really nice video...


Video by Pete Vordenberg.