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9 minutes to test your XC ski strength

Mon, Jul  11, 2011 - By Mike Muha

9 minutes to test your XC ski strengthThis is a fast and easy strength test done by both Canadian and US Ski Teams that takes only nine minutes. Compare yourself to Junior and Senior Standards. Just how strong ARE you?

The test consists of five exercise of one minute each, with one minute rest between:

  1. Pull-Ups (1 min), Recovery (1 min)
  2. Site-Ups (1 min), Recovery (1 min)
  3. Push-Ups (1 min), Recovery (1 min)
  4. Box jumps (1 min), Recovery (1 min)
  5. Bench Dips (1 min)

One person times. Athletes can pair up to count the number of repetitions completed.

To get a strength score, multiply the number of pull-ups completed by 3, then add that score to the total repetitions completed in the other four exercises. (Note: A higher score indicates a stronger athlete, but the fittest athlete wins the ski race....).

The video below shows details about how to perform each exercise.