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NMU Enduro Summer Fitness Programs

Mon, May  16, 2011 - By NMU

Nordic Ski Training Opportunites this Summer...

NMU will runa cross country ski - specific Enduro Camp this summerTraing For Youth and Junior Skiers and Parents
NMU will run its Enduro Training camp this summer, June 20 - Aug 11.  The camp will be run by Sten Fjeldheim and Karman Witham (current NMU ski team member).  If you commit to this program you are sure to be rewarded with a solid training base to prepare you for fall sports, more specific ski training in fall, and a great ski season this coming winter.
Note - other athletes seeking to improve their strength and endurance are encouraged to attend so please spread the word and encourage your friends from other sports to participate.
Registration go to or here

For Women

Be part of the…Women’s Summer Training Group


To improve your endurance, strength, technique and agility while reaching your personal goals.


  • Learn your training zones
  • Explore new trails
  • Train with a purpose
  • Enhance fitness levels
  • Group energy
  • Proper training techniques


Meet every Tuesday at 6pm from May 24, 2011 to August 30, 2011.

For registration form: