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Summer ski storage waxing

Wax Room

Wed, Apr  6, 2011 - By Ian Harvey

Here are Toko's recommendations for storage waxing of skis.

First, brush the base out with a copper brush. Then drip on a generous amount of System3 or LF Red. Iron it in making sure that there is enough wax to provide a thick layer on the base and that the iron is hot enough to ensure a good bond between the wax and the base.

This ironing procedure is normal, but sometimes a person rushes through storage waxing and the wax is not really heated outside of that it becomes liquid. The ski bases often times don't even become warm. This will result in air between the base and the ski and less protection.

Red is our choice for storage waxing as Blue is so hard that it is more difficult to make sure that there is no air between the ski and base and Yellow is so soft that it gets "eaten away" quicker. System3 Red is good, but LF Red is even better as its consistency is perfect. If waxing skis or a board with metal edges, slop the wax over the edges and cover them too.


  1. Brush skis out well with Copper Brus.
  2. Iron in System3 Red or LF Red making sure adequate wax is used and that the wax is heated in well.