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Groomer Appreciation Race and Party Update!

Thu, Mar  31, 2011 - By Ken Roth

For those wanting one last shot at  skiing,  there will be a very informal race beginning at 9:30a.m on the South trail head at Huron Meadows prior to the groomer party.  If you haven't been following the plans for on snow skiing for the party, here are the details:    

The race will be several laps around our ski course (assuming the course remains intact), a 5.6 mile mountain bike, and 4K run.  For those who just want to head out and have a fun last ski with no racing, that will be available as well.  The race will be self timed and self supported.

Of course if your skis are put away for the season, and you just want to attend the party, that's also good.

With the reservation deadline here, we have 40 people signed up for Saturday's event.  The party portion will begin at 11:30 in the Huron Meadows Clubhouse. Pizza, salad, and beverages  will be served, plus any deserts which people bring.  Beer will be available for purchase through the Huron Meadows clubhouse.  Sorry, no outside alcohol may be brought into the clubhouse.

Thanks to the groomers with presentations and remarks by Metro Park officials and others to begin immediately after lunch.  It promises to be a good time, even if we don't have great snow.  But if we do have great snow, it will be an event for the ages!

Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday and saying a big thank you to Adam and the crew at Huron Meadows.

Thanks for your support.

Ken Roth,
Northville, MI