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Michigan Cup race in October 2011?

Thu, Mar  17, 2011 - By Mike Muha

Eli Brown has proposed a Michigan Cup race in October using Zamboni snow to make a short 15-20 second course in Traverse City.  Eli wants to get a confirmation early so he could use that in promoting the event to sponsors, nationally, etc. Last year, he held a similar race:

Pre-Race video of Brick Wheels snow race
Williams wins Brick Wheels ski race
Photos from the Brick Wheels October On-Snow Race

Says Eli,

"I wanna get everyone together for a good time.  Ski reps already committed.  Giant Nordic ski swap.  Skiable snow, free rollerski clinic, etc.  Mi Cup Certification for the first race of the season in north America would being our whole region some serious press!

"Let's do it!

"Skate Race will be electronic timing.  One at a time on 15-20 second loop. Top two in each age class can go head to head starting on opposite sides of loop. A great time guaranteed!"

Ernie Brumbaugh, Chair of the Michigan Cup Committee, proposes five scenarios:

  1. Agree to include the race on the Mi Cup schedule as a Season Opener race but not count for Mi Cup points.  Reasoning - this is too early for most Mi Cup skiers.
  2. Agree to include the race on the Mi Cup schedule as a Season Opener with full Mi Cup points.
  3. Make this a Mi Cup team points only Season Opener - points system to be determined (say 1 point per participating racer on each Mi Cup team).
  4. Don't include on the Michigan Cup schedule.
  5. Have it be a Michigan Cup race, but with reduced points.

What do you think???? Talk to your team captain.