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Michigan Cuppers at the Great Bear Chase

Wed, Mar  16, 2011 - By Amy Powell

I thought I would share a photo of a few Michigan Cup skiers that showed up and did well at the Great Bear Chase.
It was a windy start with temps at 30 and then it snowed, a wet snow and slowed down the second loop a bit. It is always a fun winding course and you can see other skiers and the volunteers are wonderful, they hand out really warm hammer gels that are already opened and ready to eat!

Great turnout of skiers and of course wonderful Copper Country awards and homemade Pasties for lunch following.

Michigan Cup women at the 2011 Great Bear Chase cross country ski race
A few of the skiers were...

  • Ryan Harris....taking 2nd in his age and not getting chic'd at all!!
  • Dan Yankus 4th in his age and just getting chic'd by 15 seconds or so!
  • Chris Weingartz made 2nd in his age and hung to Bob Smith's train around the 2 loops, which I was hoping to attach but never quite made it on. Bob was 3rd in his age group!
  • Randy Smith made an amazing first time ever 50k skate marathon and pulled off 6th in his age group!
  • Stephen Van Dam made the trek up to Calumet without his shadow, she was under the weather fighting a cold, and he pulled off 1st in his age group!!
  • Chris Maltby had 5th in his age group, Mark Finsted had 11th and Karen Kirt did her first 50k marathon this year and was 5th in her age group!
  • Ernie Brumbaugh skated the 50k and was 5th in his age group! Michael Seamen opted for 26k classic and pulled off a nice 6th overall place!!

I may have missed a few. Way to go skiers!!

Michigan Cup men at the 2011 Great Bear Chase cross country ski race

It was a blast and fun to see all the nordic trolls making the trek up to Calumet!

My friends from the UP, Kristin and Amy, did the 25k freestyle and finished 3rd and 4th in their age groups!

It was a good race to wrap up the season!