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Michigan Cup Relay rules

Mon, Feb  28, 2011 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

Just a reminder that the Michigan Cup Relays on Sunday, March 6 count for team points and if the scores are anywhere near close they can decide the Michigan Cup. Here is a recap of the rules:

  • There are three Classes this year Men, Women and Coed (3)
  • There are two Age Groups 164 total age and under and 165 total age and over.

(This was changed last year when an analysis of the age groups and classes revealed many that had only one or two teams.)

  • Each group, for example Men 165 and over, will start with 600 points for first.
  • The total number of teams in that group will then be divided into 600, for example 15 teams is 600/15 = 40
  • Each subsequent place after first will receive points as follows 600, 560, 520, 480, 440, 400 ..... down to 40 for last place.

Ken Dawson is working on the final team standings diligently.

Please plan your strategies accordingly and may the best team win on Sunday.