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Black Mountain Classic – Prepare to choose your wax wisely!

Wed, Feb  16, 2011 - By Pete Edwards

Don’t let the crazy weather this week dampen your enthusiasm for one of the best classic races of the year. After two extremely easy and predictable wax weekends (White Pine + North American VASA) we are due for a challenge.

Last year’s Classic Races at Black Mountain provided racers with the challenges of elevation change and a variety of micro climates. The feedback from last year was that the best wax option was the correct klister choice + the correct hard wax cover (one that would provide at least a little grip, but not ice up). And regarding those occasional sunny warm spots last year – be sure to be looking ahead this year just in case.

I just double checked the weather forecast for Onaway, Michigan and there might be some fresh snow coming their way on Friday and Friday night. How much?

When I submit my SWIX Wax Recommendations on Wednesday for the weekend races I’ll most likely provide a grip option for two of the three scenarios:

1.    Fresh snow:  SWIX VR and/or V Wax

2.    Icy tracks + a dusting of fresh snow:  Klister with SWIX VR and/or V Wax

3.    Icy tracks and NO new snow:  Klister only

I’ll be updating the SWIX Wax Recommendations as the weather forecasts are updated.

If you get rain in your neck of the woods Thursday it might not be a bad idea to give the Klister a go during you work out. Just be sure to have those bases cleaned and ready for just about anything this weekend.

I made a point to do a 20 mile ski walk up at Black Mountain this past fall to get a better feel for the elevation changes and awesome terrain changes. Black Mountain is the highest point in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula and will definitely provide a uniquely fun classic race experience. The fantastic trails are similar in many ways to my favorite trails at Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado – just down the road from Winter Park Ski Area.

The only guarantee is that the Black Mountain Classic is a race you won’t want to miss.  Embrace the waxing challenge, ski fast and have fun.

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* submitted by Pete Edwards, owner/founder WWW.SKIWALKING.COM LLC and SWIX Nordic Tech Team Member