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Result for Lake Erie Junior Cross Country Skiing Championships


Tue, Feb  15, 2011 - By Mike Muha

With winds between 20 and 45 mph, the Lake Erie Junior Cross Country Skiing Championships fielded 26 junior skiers for a day of classic racing on Saturday, February 12. The race, part of Great Lakes Division and a Junior Olympic Qualifier, took place at Lake Farm Park in Kirkland, Ohio.

Gautam Apte took first place in the J3/J4 boys in the 2.5k classic with a time of 13:22. Gwen Wright was the top girl, finishing in 16:54.

In the 5k Classic, J2's Sameer Apte and Olivia Cook were the top boy and girl, finishing in 25:32 and 30:25.

The next day, on Sunday, February 13, the winds calmed down to 15mph, and the temperature rose Saturday's 30F to 36F for the skate competion. A couple of additional skiers joined the race.

Gautam Apte took his second win of the weekend in the J3/J4 boys, finishing the 2.5k Skate in 9:31. Hailie Martin's 11:19 time won the girls competition.

The J2 5k Skate race was won by Aidan Coyle in 17:47 for the boys and by Melissa Rains in 19:34 for the girls.

Complete results (PDF):