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The Ski Bro

Waxing Tip

Wed, Jan  25, 2006 - By Tim Feldkamp

Team NordicSkiRacer introduces the Ski Bro, an easy to use classic ski covering to keep kick wax off your ski bag and hands during transport. The Ski Bro is made from an ordinary plastic grocery bag. Follow these simple to use instructions to make your own.

  1. With scissors cut the top of one of the handles (see Figure 1). Next, make an incision at the bottom of the handle (see Figure 2). Pull apart at this incision to cleanly rip side of the bag to the bottom (see Figure 3).
  2. Repeat with the other handle (see Figures 4, 5). The Ski Bro is now ready to use! (see Figure 6).
  3. Tie the Ski Bro around the kick zone of a pair of classic skis (see Figures 7, 8, 9, 10). If needed add another Ski Bro to the other side of the skis.
  4. To remove the Ski Bro simply untie or rip off from skis. Please dispose of your used Ski Bro properly!

The Ski Bro is a 100% Post-Consumer Recycled product.

Figure 1: Cut top of bag handle.
Figure 2: Cut bag at upper edge.
Figure 3: Zip apart.
Figure 4: Cut other handle.

Figure 5. Zip apart.
  Figure 6: Ski Bro is ready to use!
Figure 7: Start at the top of the kick zone.
Figure 8: Tie handles together at top.
Figure 9: Tie other handle at bottom of kick zone. Figure 10: Classic ski is ready for transport. (Optional: Use a second Ski Bro on the other side for extra protection!)