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Toko Waxing & Tuning CD

Fri, Jan  3, 2003 - By Mike Muha

Toko has a new "Waxing & Tuning" narrated video CD that reviews base repair, cleaning, and waxing of both classic and skating skis, for both racer and novice waxers. The CD is divided into four main sections, Classic skiing, Skating, Downhill and Snowboarding. (I'm going to ignore the Downhill and Snowboarding videos - hey this is a nordic ski site! - but if you or other family members hit the slopes, there actually is quite a bit a useful performance tuning information.)

Classic Ski Tuning.

The CD has 29 videos related to classic ski preparation. Under Base Tuning are videos covering how to repair gouges using a repair candle or repair powder, how to base structure using the Toko Base Structure tool, and how to prepare the kick zone for waxing (i.e., sanding and cleaning).

There are separate sets of videos for cleaning the glide zone (one showing how to clean with wax remover, the other using the hot wax cleaning method) and for the kick zone (including videos for klister and gripwax removal, and a third video showing how to clean fishscales on waxless skis).

As an example, the hot wax cleaning method video describes the wax to use, how to apply with an iron, scraping technique, and final brass brushing.

Classic Ski Waxing

Under Waxing Classic Skis, there are separate sections for the Glide Zone and Kick Zone The Glide Wax section is divided into separate segments titled "Race, NanoTec, Xpert, and Xpress" (their names, not mine). The videos include

  • Race glide waxing has four videos: Base waxing, Adding temperature specific wax, applying JetStream Block, and using JetStream Powder.
  • The NanoTec looks at applying NanoTec LF2 (a fluorinated liquid polymer overlay) - with or without first hot waxing waxing.
  • The Xpert glide wax section covers the use of universal TexWax (wax impregnated paper that attaches to a Toko wax iron, prevents a too hot iron from directly touch the ski base) and Toko HF Paste Wax.
  • Finally, the Xpress section has videos on Run-on Wax, TF90 Paste Wax, Grip&Glide liquid glide wax.

Under Kick Zone Waxing, the three sections are found, each having one or more videos:

  • Race: video on applying Base Klister, Carbon Klister, Base Grip Wax, and Carbon Gripwax. 
  • Xpert: videos on Sportline Klister and Gripwax, plus a Liquid Klister video).
  • Xpress (applying Grip&Glide glide wax over fishscales).

Gotta like the klister video - he uses an iron to heat up the klister, and he shows how to use your thumb to smooth out the klister. Man after my own heart. (I really like klister conditions...). 

Skating Ski Tuning and Waxing

Seventeen videos in this section, many nearly identical to the classic glide zone videos, except the narrator glide waxes over the entire base instead of just the tips and tails. Similar videos on repairing, structuring, cleaning, and waxing your skis. 

What's Missing?

This CD is all about the techniques of applying and remove wax. There is no discussion on how to choose the right wax for the day. (Well, they do include  a Nordic Wax Chart...)

What's Annoying?

The CD can be a little slow to pull up the video, and you can't copy it to your hard drive in hopes of making it run faster - it has to run off the CD. There's an annoying start up screen (to long to get past) and a really annoying pair of credit screens when your trying to leave the program.


Actually, I sort of liked this CD. For those of you who are new to waxing, it's a nice to be able to watch over someone's shoulders to see how they do something. For others how have been waxing alone for years and wonder if they're doing it right, this might also be a good CD. I particularly like the JetStream Powder video.

PC-only (sorry Mac folks), and it costs about $15.