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Muncie Lake and Cadillac Pathways to be groomed

Fri, Dec  10, 2010 - By Judy Davisson

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment announced today that Muncie Lake Pathway, located 13 miles southeast of Traverse City; and Cadillac Pathway, located five miles northeast of Cadillac, will be groomed for cross-country skiing thanks to local public support.  Donations are needed to groom these cross-country ski trails due to the loss of state General Fund dollars that historically were used to maintain this activity.

A small, dedicated group of cross-country skiing enthusiasts associated with the VASA Ski Club have donated funds to have the 11.5-mile Muncie Lake Pathway system groomed.  The VASA Ski Club is continuing to accept donations for the Muncie Lake cross-country ski system.

A successful pledge and donation drive by devoted cross-country skiers in the Cadillac area will insure that the 11.3-mile Cadillac Pathway is groomed this winter.  For donation information, please go to, or contact Todd Neiss, DNRE recreation specialist, at 231-775-9727. Questions about area trails in northwest Michigan can also be directed to Neiss at the number above.

Both cross-country ski trails will be groomed by DNRE employees on a weekly basis, depending on snow conditions.

Information regarding other trail and pathway opportunities may be found on the DNRE’s website at, under Outdoor Recreation.