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Cadillac Path: Turn pledges into donations

Thu, Dec  2, 2010 - By Friends of Cadillac Pathway

Dear Friend of the Cadillac Pathway:
We are pleased to announce that due to the efforts of local cross country skiers the Cadillac Pathway Cross Country Ski Trail will be groomed this winter by the DNRE. We asked for pledges and the response was phenomenal. We reached our goal of $1,000 with a small buffer. That will provide us with weekly trail grooming/parking lot plowing between December 20 and March 14.

Now it’s time to turn your pledges into donations so that funding will be in place as soon as snow conditions permit grooming. Please send the amount you pledged to:

Cadillac Pathway Fund
Attn: Todd Neiss, Recreation Specialist
MDNRE, Forest Mgmt. Div.
8015 Mackinaw Trail
Cadillac, MI 49601

Make checks payable to: “State of Michigan”, noting donation is for the Cadillac Pathway Fund.
Many of you asked if there was any other way you could help maintain the Pathway. Here are three suggestions.

First, encourage other skiers and interested parties to donate to the fund. If we can get $500 more than we have now, we would have enough to groom twice in the weeks that need it (or extend the number of grooming weeks). You’ve already made a generous donation, but there may be others who have yet to make theirs.

Second, several of you asked if there was a way you could help spread the word. If you’re so inclined, a letter to the editor of our local newspaper expressing your support of the Pathway and how to donate to the fund (at would be very helpful.

Finally, you can help get the trail ready for grooming by walking the Pathway and removing debris from the Pathway. If any major work needs to be done, please contact the DNRE at 231-775-9727-ext 6045.

Again, thank you to all who made a pledge. Trail conditions, a printable map, information about the grooming fund, and trail news will be posted at throughout the ski season.