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Fischer launches the first Nordic skis with a Natural Basalt Core

Tue, Nov  30, 2010 - By Fischer

AUBURN, N.H. — November 29, 2010 — Fischer Skis announced today it has launched the first Nordic skis with a natural basalt core for remarkable effects on ski weight and performance. Available on four ski models, Fischer’s new Air Core Basalight technology significantly reduces weight to deliver a superior cross country skiing experience. Furthermore, replacing conventional fiberglass with volcanic basalt fibers supports the environment.

Fischer’s Air Core Basalight technology is now available on the new CRS Vasa Skate and Classic models as well as the By replacing fiberglass with basalt, Fischer brings the weight of the skis close to the more expensive carbon fiber skis. The CRS Skating Vasa is now 70 grams lighter than its fiberglass-core predecessor.

Fischer’s Air Core Basalight technology is now available on the new Superlight Crown and Wax xc skis

“Basalt’s unique composition is ideally suited for the movements in cross country skiing and ensures perfectly balanced elasticity in the ski,” said Peter Ashley, vice president, Nordic Division, Fischer Skis U.S.A. “With the launch of Air Core Basalight technology, Fischer improves upon ski weight and performance while expanding upon its long legacy of successful green initiatives.”

Fischer’s move to replace a manufactured laminate with the natural fibers made from volcanic rock underscores the company’s commitment to the environment. Using basalt eliminates the chemical-intense process involved in creating fiberglass as well as its harmful byproducts.

Fischer is the first and only ski producer in the world to rely on 100 percent renewable energy and employs advanced environmental protection procedures company-wide. More information on Fischer’s ecological approach is available at