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Video: USST training in Gällivare

Tue, Nov  23, 2010 - By Mike Muha

V1 cross country ski techniqueVideo by Matt Whitcomb of the US Ski Team training in Gällivare, Finland. Great footage of V1 technique, plus a litte V2 and some classic. Look at the difference in tempo between easy distance and diagonal stride speeds!

What's in the video:

Kikkan Randall: 1x 15 min Level 3, 2x3 min at Level 4
Mo Arritola: 5x4 Level 3 with a harder finish on #4 and 5.
Liz Stephen: 6x5 level 3 w/ a harder finish on #5 and 6.
Ida Sargent: Easy distance with speeds
Andy Newall: 5x5 level 3 intervals
Hoah Hoffman: Distance with 6x30 second light accelerations.