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XC Ski exchange programs for kids

Fri, Nov  19, 2010 - By Mike Muha

Both the Cross Country Ski Shop and Cross Country Ski Headquarters offer cross country ski trade-in programs for kids, inluding race equipment.

Cross Country Ski Headquarters Kids Exchange Program
Higgins Lake, MI

800-832-2663 or visit 

Buy a Salomon Kids Jr package for $179. When the kids grow into a larger boot size it will cost approx $15 - $35 to trade into the larger boot from our trade in program. To trade in for a Junior to Junior larger skis the cost is approx $15 to $35.

When the kids grow into adult sized skis the cost to trade for Junior to adult skis and bindings from our trade in program is approx $95 to $125. There is no charge for the pole trades as long as the "traded in" poles are in good condition.

List price for this package: $257.99 Includes: 2011 Salomom Team Grip No Wax skis ($69), Salomon Snowmonster Junior boots ($90), Salomon Profil Auto Junior bindings ($54.99), Salomon Comp Junior poles ($20), binding installation & prep ($20), and Ski Bones ($5).

Cross Country Ski Shop Children’s Exchange Program
Grayling, MI

800-889-7456 or visit

Our CHILDREN'S EXCHANGE PROGRAM Keeps Growing Kids in Nice Ski Equipment Very Economically!


  1. Purchase your WAXLESS Fischer Sprint Crown/Rossignol X-Tour Jr AR Package from the Cross Country Ski Shop. That's us. (We don't do junior skate ski package exchanges)
  2. You must be the original purchaser. We keep a record and keep it updated.
  3. You must exchange your equipment at least once every three years.


$10 to exchange your junior boots for junior boots from our quality rentals.
$15 to exchange your junior boots for adult boots from our quality rentals.
$15 to exchange your junior waxless skis for junior waxless skis from our quality rentals.
$ 4 to exchange your poles for longer ones from our quality rentals.

For MAIL ORDER EXCHANGES double the price of the exchanges plus shipping and handling.


We will give you $60 CREDIT for your waxless junior equipment towards the
purchase of new ski equipment. You can use this credit for your choice of skis: Skate, Classic Waxable, Classic Waxless, Racing, Touring, or Backcountry.

Prices on exchanges can change. Our goal is to keep it economical as possible for you and not a looser for us. This program has worked great and has had a 99% Consumer Satisfaction.

 For more information on the Grayling shop, call 800-889-7456 or visit

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