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Download the Toko 2010-2011 Nordic Wax Technical Manual

Fri, Nov  12, 2010 - By Mike Muha

Toko Nordic Wax Tech Manual for 2010-2011Toko's Nordic Wax Technical Manual (PDF) is always a good read, even if you don't use Toko waxes. If you do use Toko waxes, it's a must read! Twelve pages of dense type, filled with all sorts of valuable nuggets. Examples:

  • "Glide testing is more complicated than people think...The ski that glides the farthest or the fastest in a test is not necessarily the fastest ski for the race."
  • "At the 2002 Olympic Games, we found something remarkable. Carbon Basewax Green, when applied EXTREMELY thick, is incredibly versatile [as a kick wax]."
  • "One thing that isn't known to many skiers is that transparent bases (on racing skis usually a 6000 transparent base) are superior in at least one snow condition."

And if you use Toko waxes, there are specific recommendations for tricky and not so tricky conditions.

Toko's Nordic Wax Technical Manual (PDF)