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Skiing the Oberhof ski tunnel

Wed, Nov  10, 2010 - By

It took 14 months to build the ski tunnel in Oberhof, Germany. About 2,000 tons of precast reinforced concrete was used; over 11,000 square meters insulated wall panels were installed. Four snow-making machines in the main hall make snow all year round.


    Single-track width      8 m 
    Double-track width     16 m 
    Central area width     35 m 
    Running Track Length   Up to 2 K
    Max slope              12 % 
    Total slope            25 m 
    Surface snow hall      1,100 m²
    Total building area    10,0000 m²
    Building length        400 m 
    Building width         150 m 
    Air temperature        Grad about -3 to -4 degrees
    Snow temperature       Grad about -5 to-7 Celcius
    Humidity               70-90%
    Snow                   30 cm pure snow
    Ground elevation       Between 810 and 830 m above sea level

The construction costs were almost € 14 million, borne equally by the federal and state governments. Advanced cooling technology with heat feedback and the latest insulation and insulation materials were used to reduce energy consumption as low as possible. The hall is cooled via 2 screw compressors with a cooling capacity of 620 KW. The ground is cooled by cooling coils in the concrete floor by means of cold brine (-15 degrees Tyfocox). The air is cooled by circulating air cooler 19, each having an air capacity of 10,000 m³.

The indoor temperature is constant between -3 to -4 degrees, the humidity between 70 and 90%. The snow is produced using 4 snow guns on the ceiling in the central hall, the height of which corresponds to the distance required for the snow to form as it drops (the snow requires a minimum drop of 6 to 8 meters). Water and compressed air at -22 degrees at high pressure is pushed through fine nozzles, atomized, and blown out. By regulating the water and air volume, and the air temperature, the quality of the snow can be changed (light and dry or wet and heavy).

There is a large dressing room, 2 separate shower rooms, and 150 lockers.