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CXC Academy adds Birkie and HS training programs

Tue, Nov  9, 2010 - By CXC Skiing

Starting in November, CXC Academy adds the American Birkebeiner Training Program. This training plan consists of 5 training periods and is designed for multi sport master skiers interested in participating in the American Birkebeiner and other marathon races. Simple workout structure will provide anyone with the basic framework to maximize training time. We know that by doing the workouts, and resting on the correct days you will find a great deal of success.  But, we also know that it's important to be practical while making Birkie training compliment all of the other things you do.

Also, starting in November, CXC Academy adds the High School Racing Training Program. There are many careful considerations to make when you have an athlete choose skiing after another sport. One of those considerations is always the volume of training they are ready for; another is how much to focus on speed and endurance. We decided to do this as a service to you, the coach, and for the athletes you work with. There is no cookie-cutter solution to training, but there are basic principles that should flow through the season. This is for any coach looking for a little guidance, or any athlete who finds themselves writing their own training plan.


CXC Academy is pleased to partner with Restwise - the first web-based application that lets users simply and accurately quantify their state of recovery from exercise. Enter 11 easily measured inputs or "markers" each day, and Restwise calculates your Daily Recovery Score. The markers include: a high resting heart rate, reductions in body mass, poor sleep quality, dehydration, loss of appetite, muscle soreness, low energy, illness and reduced ability to handle training workload. The recovery score can be used to answer the question that plagues every athlete: "Am I training too hard...or not hard enough?" To receive a 5% discount, please enter a special coupon code "cxc2014" during checkout.


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