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CXC releases "Training with Purpose" DVD

First Look

Tue, Oct  19, 2010 - By CXC Skiing

CXC Skiing always releases excellent training materials - Training with Purpose should be equally good. Check out the rest of their store for other titles - Mike Muha

Training with a Purpose cross coutnry ski training DVD

Get the most out of your training by using the drills, progressions, technique, and equipment that is proven to achieve the best results! This DVD gives you an inside look at the kind of technique, drills, and tools the CXC athletes are using to achieve success.

Cross Country technique drills and progressions presented in this DVD may be incorporated into your warm-up and cool-down sessions; done on an "active rest" day; performed before, during or after specific and over distance workouts. If you are planning on running, you can add the dry-land activities. If you are planning on rollerskiing, you should take the drills in the technique you are choosing, and save the others for another day.

DVD 1:

Dry-land and Rollerskiing:

  • Dryland: Classic Technique - 29 drills and progressions
  • Dryland: Skate Technique - 22 drills and progressions
  • Dryland: Classic Technique - 22 drills and progressions
  • Dryland: Skate Technique - 13 drills and progressions


  1. Downloadable Novice, Intermediate and Advanced dry-land and rollerski workout plan variations in PDF format with a sample of duration and repetition (9 helpful workout variations total)
  2. All progression videos from DVD 1 ready to load to your iPod to create custom workout playlists to take on the go
  3. Downloadable audio scripts for all progressions on DVD 1 in PDF format

PRICE: $44.95

Watch the trailer, bonus videos and download workout plan samples at