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Birkie 320 and 450 hour training plans

Sun, Oct  3, 2010 - By Birkie

Welcome to the new fall season and to a new opportunity with the American Birkebeiner to learn more about how to train, live, and enjoy the sports that are the Birkie. The Birkie Training Plan is an educational tool that can be used to help maximize your performance and enjoyment of the Birkie Events. The program will primarily focus on Nordic skiing and it will also touch on trail running, Nordic walking, and mountain biking.

Information and knowledge for all levels of athlete will be offered. Whether you are a beginner and need information on equipment and what to purchase, or are an upper level marathon racer looking to better your wave placement, we will have something for you.

Contributions will come from professional coaches, athletes, ski technicians, manufacturers and retailers, to name a few. And best of all, this is a free service provided to enhance your experience as an athlete and to share and grow the culture of what is Nordic skiing and the American Birkebeiner tradition. So, spread the word, visit often, and enjoy the sport!

In order to meet the needs for many levels of skiers Coach Bill Pierce has written two separate training plans. The plans are based on total training hours per year.

He has written a 320 hour plan intended for beginner to intermediate skiers while the 450 hour plan is for intermediate to advanced skiers. The month starts on October 4th, although training information is provided starting October 1st.

Check out the October plan.