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Lucas Bauer: A demanding summer

Wed, Sep  15, 2010 - By FIS

Bauer won the 2006 Winter Olympics silver medal in the 15 km classic  cross-country ski race, and the bronze medal at the 15 km freestyle event at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Summer has gone away quickly and concluded one part of Lukas Bauer's training process for upcoming season. He focused at gaining speed, spent couple of days on a family vacation in Greece and looks forward to first glacier training sessions.

Q: How was your summer?

Lukas Bauer: Summer was as every year very tough.

Q: What did you carry out?

LB: I was twice in the ski tunnel in Oberhof. I am convinced that my plan to gain more speed is working well. I had rarely carried out 50 - 100 m sprints on rollerskis but this summer I did it and then tried to apply the speed on skis in the ski tunnel. I traditionally spent the end of August at a team's training camp in Obertiliach.

Q: Can you feel you are faster?

LB: I cannot say I feel it. However, when I train more sprints and try to hold on speed in the group it makes me keep up or attack. Actually it is a good tests of conditions that might come during a race. In our four member group I am quite often last or second last in terms of speed but it has been a big impulse for my training.

Q: How did you survive summer with your health?

LB: I stayed healthy the whole summer. Only during the last week on our camp in Obertiliach I pulled my thigh muscle. I ran forty-five 100 m sprints and still feel uncomfortable. I will have it checked by a physiotherapist.

Q: What are your plans for upcoming weeks?

LB: We will go for our first glacier training camp in Ramsau. I will carry out skiing, running and rollerskiing sessions. When I come back I will train at home and will go again to Oberhof to the ski tunnel. In October we will come back again to Ramsau. After that we will pack for the North.

Q: Do you look forward to proper skiing?

LB: I will be happy not be limited by 2 km in the ski tunnel. I always look forward to our first glacier trainings but then I always suffer because transfer from summer training to skis is not easy and then you have to count with tough afternoon workouts. These sessions belong to the most demanding ones in terms tiredness.

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