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Kris Freeman: Technique in a 30K Pursuit Time Trial

USST Video Series: 8

Tue, Sep  14, 2010 - By Mike Muha

This video of Kris Freeman doing a 30km Pursuit Time Trial is an interesting comparison with past videos showing sprinters. The sprinters look like egg beaters on overdrive. There's no energy left behind - its "Faster Faster!"

In the Freeman video the pace is fast but much more relaxed.

The sprinters frequently do the doublepush skate - they place the free glide ski straight down the trail (or even on the outside edge) and directly underneath the body, then "hop" onto the inside edge to push. In a distance events, Kris is show V2 skating with the skis staying fairly far apart, so they can go on the the inside edge immediately.

Similarly, the classic skiing is more relaxed in the distance time trial. It's efficient and relaxed for the long haul.

Unfortunately, there's only a little bit of double pole shown, at the very end. But the technique Kris uses is very similar to the sprint technique, just not as aggressive. There's still a great deal of forward lean, with the heals coming off the skis but again, it's more "controlled".