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Rossignol introduces the lightest weight X-ium Package

Wed, Sep  8, 2010 - By Rossignol

Rossignol's 2010-2011 X-ium Skate package, including X-ium NIS Skating WCS Ski, XCelerator Skate NIS Binding, X-ium WC Skate Boot, and Oneway's DS 10 pole, is all new and is now the lightest weight race package Rossignol has ever offered.

The weight of the ski, boot and binding package has decreased by 210 grams. The X-ium ski is slightly shorter for better maneuverability and lighter weight. The new X-ium boot has a new cover lace that is seamless, new lace system, and new heel hold all resulting in better envelopment of the foot and weight reduction. The new XCelerator binding has a new flexbit system, new closure system and unnecessary material has been removed to decrease the weight. Oneway's DS 10 Titanium pole is 100% Carbon reinforced with titanium making the pole stiff and ultra light weight. The rabbit strap allows for twice the adjustment of a regular strap and the cork grip provides warmth, comfort and anti-slip grip.

Rossignol X-ium NIS Skating WCS Ski
The decreased weight and new technologies make a huge difference for technical skiers and allow them to ski faster and farther then ever before, as proven by the Rossignol teams 2009-2010 race results.

USSA Overall 2010 Super Tour Winner: Chris Cook

2010 Winter Games
      15K Skate: 3 in top 7
      Sprint Classic: Gold and Silver Medals

US Marathon Races
      Birkie: 3 in top 6
      Noquemanon: 1st
      Boulder Mountain Tour: 1st

Numerous 2010 JO's and NCAA Victories