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Ladies and Gentlemen, start your rollerskis!

Fri, Aug  27, 2010 - By Mike Muha

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your rollerskis! The race course is the Salzburg Ring, and auto racing track in Salzburg, Austria. The race is the "Sk8 the Ring", the Austrian Rollerski Champs to be held this Sunday, August 29. Ladies will compete in 30 km Mass Start; the men will fight on the 50 km Mass Start race.

"Sk8 the ring is the first big international rollerski race to take place in Austria. We see this event as a pilot project and wish to continue in organizing summer rollerski races. We want to activate cross-country skiing in Austria. The main goal for us is to send positive signals about Cross-Country skiing to Austrian public" said Markus Gandler, Cross-Country sport director of ÖSV.

The Course

One lap around the trck is 4,225 meters with a total climb of 25 meters. The track is at least 10 meters wide at it's narrowist:

  • Curves: 12 (6 right and 6 left-handers)
  • Stretch: 4; longest straight 750m (Start - straight)
  • Gradient: max.  3.8% for 2.150 km
  • Gradient: max.  1.8% at 3.550 km

The race

Men/Juniors will race 12 laps with bonus sprints in Lap 4 (16.8 km = FISCHER Sprint) and Lap 8 (33.6 km = START Sprint). The Ladies race will have 7 laps.

The man and women with the fastest lap time will be crowned "Ring King" and "Ring-Queen." Lap times will be measured by transponders worn by each racer. The current unofficial lap record time was set by Lukas Hechl in November 2009: 7:51.
Prize money

Besides the many prizes from our sponsors (racing skis from Fischer & Salomon, Odlo underwear, cross-sticks, etc.) in the main draw and prizes will be distributed:

  • 1st place - €150 (about $190)
  • 2nd place - €100
  • 3rd place - €50
  • Each Bonus Sprint in the 50Km is worth €100
  • The "Ring Queen" and "Ring King" will earn €100 each.

The price will of course be distributed only to athletes claim that the regular finish the race

There are other activities prepared for the general public as part of the Sk8 the ring, including a Kids Race.

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